Privacy Policy

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Your personal information collected to facilitate your participation in this event will only be used for the direct purpose of arranging travel, facilitating reimbursement and preparing necessary lodging. Meeting Protocol will not disclose your data to any third party unless in connection to one of these services and then only the specific data needed to provide the service will be shared. Only Meeting Protocol employees that need access to your information to provide the services listed will have access to your data. At any time, you may contact Meeting Protocol to ask to review the personal data we have collected or that your data be deleted or transferred.

Information sharing and privacy

In order to coordinate your attendance and participation in the event Meeting Protocol will collect information about you, including name, address, phone number, travel dates, date of birth, national ID number (or equivalent), email address, title, dietary preferences and bank transfer instructions. This data will only be shared in order to coordinate travel, lodging and meals and only the specific data needed to provide the service will be shared. All information is stored in a secure fashion and will be removed upon either your request or upon the termination of the agreement between Meeting Protocol and the organizer of the event you are attending.

For questions or data removal requests, please contact our Data Privacy Officer at [email protected].